Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

About National examination

Dear Mr. Paul....
Here I enclosed my dicusion text about “National Examination”.

Talking about national examination, I think  all of us knows that, because this topic is the most urgent one nowadays. National examination becomes the hot topic in most of discussions. National examination was the goverment’s program. In analiticaly the goverment, National examination should be implemented as the evaluation indicators to measure and improve national education standards.
Evaluation is very important to map the position of each learner, set the status, knowing the extent to which teaching has been reached, look for and find a way out. From this evaluation will have a report and description. There lies the importance of the National Exam. Data from National examination mapping is used as the achievement of government programs to improve education quality in every area across Indonesia.
But, I still disagree if  the value used as the determinant of graduation examination learners. Because , to measure a student ability is not only by her/his result of examination which we could see in number, but also the result of her/his another examination in education. As education is not just talking about result, it also about attitude, personality and so on. This evaluation is only able to be done by the teachers at school who know and meet them everyday.
One something else what make me disagree with the national examination is The Indonesian education sistem are not same in every area across Indonesia. So it will make standard education not same too in every area across Indonesia.

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