Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Karangan untuk ke UPH Surabaya (masih acak-acakan)


Seek knowledge from birth until death comes to you” That words suggest and inspiring us to always read up, implied in is attend the lecture. Among a variety of majors at campus there are favorite majors who always become the first  choice for aspirant university student, among other things is “psychology”.
There is many possibility reason of people why they chose psychology majors for their chareer. That possibility be able because go with the stream with friends, parents order, confused with their choice,  only want to try, like read book about  psychology, or they think  if they chose psychology majors they can solve their problem and so on.
For me psychology majors is interisting majors from the others majors.
Why  I choose psychology majors ?
For me there are reason why I think psychology majors is interesting majors and why I chose psychology majors.
The first one, we know that psychology majors are the majors that discuss the human self, which means where there is human psychology that's where needed. This is the reason that makes psychology or a psychologist is needed in the society especially in the current era of globalization is very thick with the problems associated with a person's psychological state. In short I can say that the field work for a psychologist in the future will be very open.
Secondly, I really like to socialize with others. I think that majoring in psychology is very suitable for people like me who loved to socialize with other people, so this will allow me to further explore this psychology majors and will make me feel comfortable to live lectures.
The third one, I want to be able to explore the character of a person including steeped myself, so I was easier to get along and I can help the people around me to solve their problems.
Those are some of my reasons, why I choose psychology department. Even so not all psychology majors at all universities in Indonesia as good. Selecting the best psychology departments is a must for all prospective students, because that's where a student will be formed into a psychologist best.
So ? why I choose Psychology Major at UPH as a stepping stone for my career ?
We know that UPH is one of the best universities of Indonesia. I am convinced and believe that the UPH can make me as a person of superior and ready to compete in the world of work.
With complete facilities, the lecturers are professional, innovative curriculum, vantage point, as well as individual training career I am convinced and believe that the UPH can make me personally a superior and competitive.
Especially with the scholarships for those who lack a financial increasingly attracted me to continue his studies at UPH, so I can go to college without the burden is too expensive, because my parents are less able to pay for my college if it is too expensive.
I also heard from people who are around me, that UPH is a great university and enjoyable. It made me more confident and more interested to study at UPH, especially when hearing their experiences regarding the UPH.
If later on I might be accepted at UPH with 100% scholarship, I would feel very happy and very proud to be enrolled in one of the best universities in Indonesia.
My vision for the future is doing their best, provide the best and be the best. May the Lord Jesus always bless me  be the best psychologist. Amen.

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